Medicare & Medicaid Cost Reports Solutions

Your daily focus is on managing your healthcare facility. An essential aspect of that focus is the understanding of the financial health of your facility and the related impact of Medicare and Medicaid requirements. The balance of budgeting and beneficiaries, payments and settlements, costs and record-keeping is intricate and complex. The compliance and challenges of Medicare and Medicaid cost reporting at the end of the year is a major undertaking, it can consume time and energy needed for other issues. We can help.

PDR implements a system of accurate and efficient cost reporting for Nursing, Hospice, Home Health Facilities and Federally Qualified Health Clinics (FQHC).

PDR CPAs + Advisors Medicare & Medicaid Cost Reports Solutions:

  • Skilled Nursing – CMS Form 2540-10
  • Hospice – CMS Form 1984-14
  • Home Health – CMS Form 1728
  • FQHC – CMS Form 224-14

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