CPA Client Portal

Secure Client Portal

Your information and our services – at your fingertips.
Access your data and files, send and receive files and messages, and interact with our team electronically through our fully-secure client portal. Our client portal utilizes ShareFile – a third party secure platform – to ensure your confidential information stays confidential.

Online Payments

Conduct transactions and pay invoices securely, quickly and easily with our client payment portal. To pay your invoice, just click the “Pay Now” button and you’ll be redirected to a secure payment platform.

For your convenience, you can send electronic copies of your tax workpapers:

ShareFile Instructions:

1. Enter your e-mail address
2. Enter your First Name
3. Enter your Last Name
4. Select “Continue”
5. Click the drop down & select PDR CPAs Admin as the Recipient
6. Select “Browse Files” to upload your files
7. Select Upload