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2015 Tax Deadlines and the Security Summit Effort

The IRS announced the nation’s tax season for 2015 taxes will open on Tuesday, January 19th. In the recent announcement they stated, “The IRS expects to receive more than 150 million individual returns in 2016… the IRS has been working closely with the tax industry and state revenue departments to provide stronger protections against identity theft for taxpayers during the coming filing season”.

Over the summer, the IRS and a number of public and private sector partners created an agreement called the Security Summit Effort to protect tax payers from identity theft tax refund fraud. “This agreement represents a new era of cooperation and collaboration among the IRS, states and the electronic tax industry that will help combat identity theft and protect taxpayers against tax refund fraud,” stated IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. As a reminder, the IRS will not call you to demand an immediate tax payment – that is a phishing scam.

Now is the time to start preparing for the upcoming tax deadlines and to organize all of your tax data to file your personal or business(es) return(s). Below are some of the most common tax deadlines for 2015.

March 15, 2016:

2015 tax returns for corporations and S corporations to file their return or to file a 6 month extension of time (for corporations who have calendar year ends as their tax year)

March 31, 2016:

Tangible property tax returns for Florida businesses required to file them (April 1st is the date that the returns have to be received by the county)

April 18, 2016:

  • Individual income tax returns for 2015 (an extension is permitted for an additional 6 months if needed)
  • 2015 calendar-year partnership returns (an extension is permitted for an additional 5 months if needed)
  • 2015 annual gift tax returns are due
  • 2015 income tax returns for calendar-year trusts and estates
  • Deadline for making 2015 IRA and Roth IRA contributions
  • Deadline for employers to make 2015 contributions to certain retirement plans
  • First installment of 2016 individual estimated tax is due

May 15, 2016:

The deadline for not-for-profit organizations to file information returns (Form 990) or request an extension for calendar year non-profits. For fiscal year-end not-for-profits, the deadline is 4.5 months after year-end.

We highly recommend you use a tax professional to file your taxes to ensure you are saving as much money as possible. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments at

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